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Another NEW preview for next week’s episode of Teen Wolf.

"The Benefactor"

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers - Information So Far:


General Discussion:

  • Filming for this season started in mid-February and ends in June.
  • Premiere Date: June 23, 2014.
  • Tagline: Can’t Go Back
  • Overarching theme: Not all monsters do monstrous things.
  • Wolf Watch and the After After Show will be returning with their respective hosts from last season.


  • The 3B DVD is out now.
  • Gerard’s story is not over.
  • They have had discussions about destroying the loft.
  • Unlike with Stiles, they do not have a name for the Sheriff yet.
  • They have not decided on what type of Kitsune Kira’s mom is.
  • According to Ian, the writers were actually trying to find a way to get Haley back.

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  • AnónimoStiles thinks blue is pretty. Derek eyes are blue... I saw that anon saying the obvious so I though I will do it too.
  • felicitysmock
    • stiles and derek have exchanged numbers
    • they literally had to have a conversation where they asked for one another’s numbers
    • derek has worn stiles’ clothes
    • stiles has understood what derek was trying to say without needing the words
    • stiles and derek have saved each other’s lives
    • whilst bitching at one another
    • stiles and derek have lain on top of one another
    • on multiple occasions
    • stiles and derek have literally stared across at one another in absolute silence for long moments
    • stiles and derek have chosen one another over lots of other things more than once
    • stiles and derek have fought family members for each other
    • stiles and derek have been given so many trope esque moments if they were a het pairing people on e! would be demanding a kiss
    • stiles and derek should date
    • and make out
    • forever
    • also stiles is derek’s dream boy okay that’s all
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