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  • ALLISON’S OUTFITS: a masterpost

    [hair] [dresses] [outerwear]

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  • minimalist posters - teen wolf characters

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  • mysnarkyself:

    Sterek Week
             ↳Friday: Sterek AU 

    (If I Stay AU) Stiles always thought the hardest decision
    he would face would be which college he should attend.
    But a car accident changes everything and now his own life
    hangs in the balance. Caught between life and death
    Stiles has only one decision left...

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  • Yeah Derek, stop being a creepy lovesick werewolf and let Stiles sleep (x)

  • clawsandbrushes:

    This is the masterpost for all PSDs. Click the episode you need a PSD for and find all PSDs I made for that specific episode. Do you need a PSD for a specific scene/episode?
    Request them here!

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3a

    1   Tattoo
    2   Chaos Rising
    5   Frayed
    6   Motel California
    10 The Overlooked

    Season 3b

    13 Anchors
    14 More Bad Than Good
    16 Illuminated
    18 Riddled
    20 Echo House
    21 The Fox and the Wolf
    22 De-Void
    24 The Divine Move

    Season 4

    The Dark Moon

  • deludedisthenewreality:

    Another NEW preview for next week’s episode of Teen Wolf.

    "The Benefactor"

  • Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers - Information So Far:


    General Discussion:

    • Filming for this season started in mid-February and ends in June.
    • Premiere Date: June 23, 2014.
    • Tagline: Can’t Go Back
    • Overarching theme: Not all monsters do monstrous things.
    • Wolf Watch and the After After Show will be returning with their respective hosts from last season.


    • The 3B DVD is out now.
    • Gerard’s story is not over.
    • They have had discussions about destroying the loft.
    • Unlike with Stiles, they do not have a name for the Sheriff yet.
    • They have not decided on what type of Kitsune Kira’s mom is.
    • According to Ian, the writers were actually trying to find a way to get Haley back.

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